Marina's Miracle

My name is Marina Koulik.  I am married and have two beautiful children, and absolutely wonderful parents.  And I am very grateful to God for everything I have.
In 1999 my life was drastically changed. My hands started to go numb. I can’t even recount all the times I burned and cut myself, or all the things that were dropped and broken. I remember going from one hand specialist to the next and not being able to understand what is happening to me. 

Unfortunately, things got a lot worse before they got better. The numbness that I first had in my hands spread to my legs and I started to loose the ability to walk almost overnight. So here I was no longer a college professor, a clinician, a mom taking care of her family, a wife caring for her husband, a daughter taking care of her parents. Instead, I felt that I was physically and mentally falling apart with ever increasing speed. The time from the end of 2000 to mid 2001 I spend in a recliner in my living room because that was the best place to lift me and drag to the bathroom. I gained a lot of weight due to my condition.
Finally, in the end of the summer of 2001, a neurologist diagnosed me with Multiple Sclerosis based on the results of my brain MRI. To say the least, I was crushed not only because of the diagnosis but because I was told that little can be done at this time. After evaluating different treatment options I was started on injections of Copaxone that I have to give myself daily till present time.
Over the next years, my condition did not change significantly. My ability to do thing and to walk would come and go. Pain became my constant companion. I fell many times and that destroyed my knees. I was bedridden, immobile, and in pain for years until I heard about John of God. It happened in December 2005.

March 6, 2006 my husband and I made our first journey to the Casa de Dom Inacio. At the start of my journey I was in a wheelchair and had to be wheeled around everywhere. We stayed in Abadiania for two weeks and my transformation was amazing. I had two spiritual surgeries and spend the rest of my time in the current and on Crystal Beds. I started to lose weight. During the surgeries and the Crystal Bed sessions I felt like my knee joints were being twisted around. It was very painful, but I felt that it was healing pain and that something extraordinary was happening. And it did… In two weeks I walked out of the airport on my own two legs.
However, life would be too easy if it were that simple. I was very excited to have my life back and very eager to do things that I missed. I felt incredibly energized again and I just wasted a lot of it in the wrong way – I fell March 28, 2006 and tore my meniscus and tendons on the left knee. Being bedridden again made me realize that I did not treasure the gift of healing that I received from the Entities. In my dreams I prayed and I saw the Casa de Dom Inacio, and John of God, and I felt loved. I knew that it was the only place that can help me journey back to the person I once was.

I went back to the Casa de Dom Inacio on July 3, 2006 and stayed for four months. This time I realized that my healing has to be both spiritual and physical, that I have to do a lot of work for my own progress and healing. From July to the end of October 2006, I had six surgeries and stayed in the current all other times. I had double sessions in the the Crystal Bed almost everyday. I feel truly blessed by the light and love I have found at the Casa. I understood that healing is a process that takes time and that I have to be ready to do my own part in this process. I was blessed to become guide/medium in October 2006. I was allowed by the Entities the honor of purchasing the Crystal Bed from the Casa de Dom Inacio so they can continue my healing and be able to help others who need help from the Entities and cannot go to Abadiania at this time. I am so happy to let you know that I started to walk again in the end of September. I lost 42 pounds. I am very careful with my energy now. Now I understand better how to use my energy and how to replenish it. I feel connected to the Casa, John of God and the Entities. I feel that not only do I have my life back, I gained back more than I lost, or that I ever dreamed about. I feel life with its value on a different level. I am grateful for the opportunity to offer my assistance on your journey to John of God. I am very pleased to say that my experience has encouraged many in Abadiania and in New York, including my own family and friends.