About Distance Healing

If you are unable to travel to Casa de Dom Inacio to John of God, Distance Healing offers the opportunity to receive treatment from the Entities.  It is done by taking a photograph in front of the Entities.  Distance Healing can be provided to you at any time you desire.  

John of God will look at the picture and only he can decide what treatment is best suited for you.  Answers you may get from John of God during distance healing:

- herbs (passiflora energized for your personal needs)

- "have to come to Casa" and herbs

- "have to come to Casa" and No Herbs

- blessing and protection

- distance surgeries, if necessary, have to be arraigned individually

  If you would like to receive Distance Healing please email your recent picture - full length, in light colored clothing and opened eyes. 

Individual pictures are best for Distance Healing.  No group pictures will be passed before John of God.  The following information i will need in the email together with our picture: 

- your full name (first and last/surmane)

- date of birth written out

- address where this person currently is (home, hospital, rehabilitation center, etc.)

- address where to send the herbs if they are prescribed by John of God

If you DO NOT WANT herbs you have to state that in your email.