About John of God

John of God - João de Deus - Джон от Бога One man, one spirit, one mission - devotion to people, to healing, to mediumship, to God.

 For over three decades Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola in Brazil remains the only spiritual hospital of the world-renowned João Teixeira da Faria - John of God - Joao de Deus, who is one of the most powerful mediums and spiritual healers living today. Millions of people journey in search of a cure to the Casa.

John of God's unique gift allows many people to finally receive the healing they need. He incorporates over 30 entities or spirits, who were physicians, theologians, therapists, and notable figures in their lifetimes.

John of God gives opportunity to all who come in front of him to be connected with the entities and ask for healing, be it physical, emotional, spiritual, or psychological.Over 3,000 people come through the doors of the Casa to seek different kinds of cure every week. No one is ever turned away!   

Modelled on Allan Kardec's Doctrine of Spiritism, Casa de Dom Inacio is a place of diversity, peace, and harmony. It is a place where all are welcome, all creeds and religions are respected. It is a place of all encompassing love that is truly able to create miracles. 

 At the Casa de Dom Inacio together with John of God all seekers participate in the healing energy circle enabling themselves and others to be cured through love and devotion.

Healing is a personal and transformative process which generally unfolds over a period of time. It may be physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, psychological – or all of these. Some people experience almost immediate healing; others recover over time, and some may require subsequent visits. Everyone who seeks help, receives it!

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